About Me


Who am I?

I am a guy who likes to watch a good movie on the couch, cook delicious food, and go out jogging. I am a guy who is always on the look for something new, something better, a guy who spends lots of free time reading up on innovating discoveries. I am a geek, a self-claimed philosopher, a knowledge hoarder.

My name is Tom Clement, and I’m a techie entrepreneur.

My story began in February 2012, when an international advertising company called Scorpio Media offered me a job. Up until then most of the IT work done at Scorpio was outsourced to companies and freelancers, they needed someone to take charge and get everything in-house, organised, and made effective. The company grew ever so fast, and I had the opportunity to grow along with it. Starting out as the only IT employee, soon after we had a team of 7 working around the clock.

After this I had the fortune of onboarding very early at Bizboard as a co-founder. We’ve since grown to 12 employees, and are kicking ass in the world of app development. We open-sourced our black magic animation driven app framework ArvaJS, because we think sharing is crucial for progressing technology rapidly.

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